Monday, April 6, 2015

Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole Review

Can Evie convince her rival loves to work together? Their survival depends on it in this third book of #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles, a nonstop action tale of rescue, redemption, and a revenge most wicked.
Heartbreaking decisions Evie was almost seduced by the life of comfort that Death offered her—until Jack was threatened by two of the most horrific Arcana, the Lovers. She will do anything to save him, even escape Death’s uncanny prison, full of beautiful objects, material comforts…and stolen glances from a former love.
Uncertain victory Despite leaving a part of her heart behind with Death, Evie sets out into a perilous post-apocalyptic wasteland to meet up with her allies and launch an attack on the Lovers. Such formidable enemies require a battle plan, and the only way to kill them may mean Evie, Jack, and Death allying. Evie doesn’t know what will prove more impossible: surviving slavers, plague, Bagmen and other Arcana—or convincing Jack and Death to work together.
Two heroes returned There’s a thin line between love and hate, and Evie just doesn’t know where she stands with either Jack or Death. Will this unlikely trio be able to defeat The Lovers without killing one another first...?

Published: January 2015.
Page count: 336
Series: Third book in The Arcana Chronicles. 
Rating: 5 stars

This is the third book in the Arcana Chronicles. I loved the first two books and I was very excited for this book, I waited close to a year or so I think for its release. And when I got it and I feel like each book gets better. Maybe it's because there's new adventures and characters and Evie's world is changing and growing as is her knowledge and strength. Plot wise...hmm the majority of the book there were things happening, whether it be their main objective or a battle along their journey to their goal. There was a very disgusting twist towards the end. That's one thing, this is quite full on dystopian/apocalyptic. There is some gore and there are some gross scenes. Especially in this book as Evie and her allies are fighting against master torturers. And then there's the ending, the last page or two just left me gaping at the book to be honest.

Evie has grown a lot. She still has her moments and I think her main struggle is her powers and how much is too much. She is very powerful and sometimes her emotions or the powers can control her. That being said, her powers are very fun and she's constantly recovering her memory of a new way to use them or mastering something new. The other characters have come a long way too. My favorite part of this book was the love triangle between Jack and Death/Aric. They have to work together and be somewhat nice to each other on Evie's behalf and not only is it hilarious but it's totally swoon-worthy as well. I myself am on Team Death, but I still love Jack. Which made the ending (where she chooses) very hard for lots of reasons. Jack really comes into his full potential in this book. Not that he wasn't amazing at being tough and a survivor, now he's organizing military movements in his own sort of rebellion. Aric we grow to know more and more about and you tell he's really trying to adapt for Evie. So it's basically a very very hard choice.

So...the characters and plot are amazing. The ending leaves you with so many questions and lots of shock over what the book ends with. The world-building is still great, since they're mainly in one area the majority of this book it doesn't come off as strong as it did in the other books for me, but it's still there and you're reminded of it. I think this book and the whole series are amazing. If it sounds interesting to you I'd 100% recommend it. Just maybe wait until close to the last book's release because this series will keep you up at night reading and make you get a "book hangover" when you finish it.

And as for my predictions of what's going on in the next book: I believe Jack is actually an Arcana. The author provides a list of the players at the beginning of the book and I've looked through them trying to figure out which on he could be. I honestly don't know which he might be but I can't see him doing all he does without being Arcana. Plus Matt said he couldn't read his future. He's also hinting at so many things. I think that the main challenge the next book will be tension between Aric and Evie. And this emperor is going to be who she's fighting most of the time. Just my thoughts ;)(Highlight to read, contains spoilers)

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